About Us

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP is a "partnership park," in which the National Park Service works with several Key Partners to create and manage the park and its resources.

Four sites, Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP Visitor Contact Station, the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters, Hupp's Hill Civil War Park and Belle Grove Plantation Manor House, are open to the public. All are good places to start learning the many stories of Cedar Creek, Belle Grove and the Shenandoah Valley.

These Key Partners are all non-profit or governmental organizations and include:

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP is a park-in-development, only being created by Congress in 2002. Although there are over 3,700 acres within the park's authorized boundary, over half of this is still privately owned. Therefore, much of the battlefield is not accessible to the public. Nearly all of the remaining land (approximately 1,500 acres) and buildings are preserved and administered by the Key Partners.